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Having a bright smile is very important as it is the best gift to your love ones and also to your enemies. LOL... So since smiling is so important , obviously dental care is also something that we should not ignore. I actually do not go to the dentist very often, or I could say that the last time I went was during my primary school time. OMG! Counting back the days maybe years, it has been ages since my last visit to the dentist. 

So recently when I was brushing my teeth, I realize that my teeth is actually quite yellowish and since then I was quite conscious to smile because I want to have white teeth like those actors in movies. Hahahhaa... And you know how awkward it is when you smile back to someone, the only thing they could see is your yellow teeth! Ewwww!! So by brushing your teeth daily is not enough to keep the yellow stains away, so I decided to have my teeth whiten.

I visited Beverly Wilshire Dental that was loacted at Jalan Tun Razak, and had some consultation from Dr Yoganjali which were very professional in giving me advice and what kind of treatment that should be done. So basically, the treatment that I did was scaling, polishing and also teeth whitening.  

I would say that this is the nicest dental clinic that I have visited in my life, with modern and highly technology equipment and luxurious ambience, you will just feel comfortable like home. Hahha... So Dr.Anjali started with scaling process which helps to removes the hard calculus which forms on your teeth which can't be removed just by brushing your teeth. So calculus is actually those yellow yellow thing that is hidden behind your teeth, which is cause by bacteria and also the food that we eat. You go take a mirror now and see, then you know what I'm saying. LOL... Scaling will remove trapped food and plaque containing millions of germs, which can cause tooth decay and gum disease. Scaling process have no pain, but it's just that the sound of the machine is very irritating, maybe next time I have to bring my earphone.

So now here comes the teeth whitening part, and below pictures that is gonna be shown will totally ruin my image. Hahahaha...

Sorry la, I tried my best to take some picture that is not so kanasai, but with that thing in my mouth really very hard la. So when you doing teeth whitening, make sure people don't take your picture ok? See I sacrifice myself just to show you guys how it really looks like. Hahahha... So if you drink coffee or tea a alot, or if you smoke ( I don't smoke) it is easier that your teeth will have yellow stains because it's acidic and it could make your teeth more vulnerable. So next time go out yum cha just order ice water, no more teh ais or nice coffee art. Hahahhaha...WTF!! So you see the blue gel that is on my gums, it's actually a rubber dam to protect the gums so that the bleaching product will not affects the gums, if not teeth white gums also white. LOL...

After applying the bleaching product on my teeth, all I need to do is just to sit back on this comfortable massage chair, watch a movie while the light or laser is shone on my teeth to activate the chemical and to speed up the reaction of the whitening product so that the colour change can be achieved more quickly. So usually teeth whitening could make your teeth to have 3-4 shades whiter than before and could last around 1-2 years depends on your food intake and also if you are a smoker.The whole process took only around an hour because the dentist said that my teeth is getting too white. Hahhaa...

So here is the before and after picture, another picture that is quite disgusting but I also sacrifice just to show the results to you guys. LOL... 

So the above teeth is before (OBVIOUSLY!!) and the bottom pic is after. See!! There is such obvious difference after the treatment, and now my smile is as bright as diamond. HAHHAHA!! p/s: the tooth at the side is a sample, it's not my tooth. LOL

   So now I know how important it is to have clean and white teeth, because I could smile more confidently now. Yayy XD and I have good news to all my Taylorians friends!! 

"10% off on teeth whitening treatment for Taylors student (just flash your student card). Promotion starts from today till 31 July 2014."

Beverly Wilshire Dental 
Level 9, Dijaya Plaza, 
No 237, Jalan Tun Razak,
50400, Kuala Lumpur

Tel: +603 2118 2999                 

Business Hours: 
Monday to Saturday - 930-1800
Sundays and Public Holidays - By Appointment Only




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  2. That seems like a very upscale dental clinic, Brian. It looks like they’ve used advanced dental equipment for your teeth whitening. And the improvement was impressive, considering that it has only been one session. Thank you for this review, and have a good day!

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